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In Fact… This Event Is So Monumental, History Will Be Made On Friday, April The 29th!!

A Who’s-Who Of Internet Marketing movers-n-shakers… Expert Leaders in the IM community… Titans… Legends… Up-and-Comers… Ambitious Start-ups… And Much More!  Seats Are Limited and this is Time Sensitive!  Book It Now!

100% Content Driven!

Dear Mover-And-Shaker,

Bill McIntosh here and together with my partners Matt Gill, Eric Louviere, our entire staff and our volunteers, we welcome YOU to the most anticipated LIVE marketing seminar you’ll ever attend!

The power of this event comes jam-loaded with everything from VIP parties… to an All-Access “launch” before your very eyes (look over our shoulders as we initiate an epic launch right in front of you)… to serious workshop environment strategies… to networking… powerful joint venture tactics… to free traffic methods… and everything in between!

This event will be a who’s-who of Internet Marketing and feature SOLID-CONTENT DRIVEN METHODS, EXAMPLES, CASE STUDIES, STRATEGIES AND MORE!

Listen, I just spent over $65,000 on paid traffic and I’m prepared to show you how I’ve generated millions online in various niche markets… and how I’ve built up multiple subscriber lists with each having over 1 million subscribers!

How powerful is that?

So… now’s the time to kick the tires and light the fires and get yourself to Atlanta on April 29th!  This event alone can certainly fuel your entire business because of all the traffic methods and insights you’ll have at your arsenal.

As You Know… TRAFFIC Is The Oxygen Of Our Business!  You’re About To Get The Mother-load Of Traffic Secrets!

Here’s what you need to know about this event and why you need to get yourself to it without a doubt:

–  Discover REAL, Walk-the-talk traffic strategies you’ve never heard of before!

–  Acquire a Traffic Rolodex and JV rolodex that blows away any rolodex you’ll ever see!

–  Master secret Joint Venture methods that could make you a millionaire in six months or less!

–  Discover FREE traffic methods that ANYONE can use to earn a full time living from home FAST!

–  Watch over our shoulders as we conduct a real-time launch right in front of you! (that’s priceless!)

–  Networking sessions geared to land you partners or JV partners, affiliates and strategic alliances (that’s priceless too!)

–  Tightly created presentations on how to go from nothing to quick free traffic easily (practically the same day traffic flows to your offers).

–  Quit-your-job training that shows (point-by-point) how to start with nothing and earn six figures following a step-by-step blueprint system!

–  Press release marketing and traffic acquisition!

–  Article marketing secret strategies

–  Awesome Social Networking Blueprints!

–  Integration techniques anyone — even newbies — can do to earn LIGHTING fast traffic and revenue!

–  Mix with some of the Titans of our industry!

–  Learn from the best of the best!

–  A Live Event That Can Change Your Life!

It is highly important that you attend live events.  One live event can change the entire landscape of your business for the better!  This event is the one to attend.  It’s jam-packed and loaded with hardcore advice on driving traffic and striking joint ventures.

Get your ticket now and book your hotel room.  This is an event you’ll kick yourself if you miss out on.

Mix With Titans Of The

Internet Marketing Community!

Not only will you discover how to drive loads of traffic to your offers, you’ll also get the rare opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the most established, successful and well known marketers in our industry.

And, not all the Titans are well known gurus either.  Many are behind the scenes stars and stealth (non-public) heavy earners.  You never know who you are sitting next to or talking to.  You could be casually chatting with a multi-millionaire marketer.

Mixing and mingling with titan marketers is important for A) striking JV deals and B) getting point blank advice and C) building long-term relationships.

You see, everyone at a live event like this tend to be “LIKE MINDED PEOPLE” just like you!  Everyone started somewhere and grew to where they are.  Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time just like you.  You’d be surprised at how normal and “likeminded” and “giving” successful marketers are.

The culture of the event will be geared towards sharing, giving and assisting.  One of the most powerful things you could ever say to someone is “Is There Anything I Can Help You With?”… or “How Can I Help You?”

You see, one of the very best ways to build relationships is to go in with the mindset that you are there to help them.  Instead of going in with “help me” mindset, go in with the “I can help you” mindset and the rest will take care of itself easily!

They say, help enough others to get what they want… and you’ll surely get what you want!

In other words, we are prepared to foster an environment of “sharing, giving and assisting”.  For you, that’s huge.  Imagine most everyone at the event actively trying to help and assist YOU!

Atlanta Midtown

Upscale Hotel!

This event is in Atlanta Midtown (where the action is at!).  Nightlife, museums & Entertainment are all right there).  From the hotel site:  “With the magnificent Midtown Mile to the left… picturesque Piedmont Park to the right, world-class culture next door, the hottest clubs in the zone and specialty shopping everywhere, you’re in the middle of it all!”

The hotel is a super-luxury hotel — BUT we arranged a drop-dead cheap budget price if you book now!!  Imagine a luxury hotel room cheap as can be.

However, to get the steal deal, you have to book fast (the hotel only has so many rooms available at this crazy discounted rate)!


V.I.P. Mixer Party!

During the weekend, you’ll get the opportunity to become a VIP and spend “after-hours” with other elite marketers at a high-level and pre-arranged VIP party.  This party is EXCELLENT for boosting your business very quickly and spending time with big time Titans of online marketing!

At this party, as a VIP, you will get to have drinks with top marketers.  Not only will this be fun, it’s EXTREMELY LUCRATIVE FOR YOU!

More information about the VIP party will be available at the event. Stay tuned!

100% Content Driven!

You will discover:

     * How to drive traffic with CPA Insertion Orders

    * How to drive traffic with media buys

    * How to drive traffic with top-secret (yet easy) SEO techniques

    * How to integrate with other sites effectively and build a responsive list of “valuable customers”

    * How to drive FREE traffic through avenues I’m certain you’ve never heard of before

    * How to market to your lists effectively for optimal income, yet keep the list responsive and engaged

    * Of course, how to use contests to drive floods of traffic

    * Voodoo Conversion tricks never spoken about in public

    * Banner buys

    * Facebook and POF traffic methods most will never know about

    * Additional traffic methods through software and trial offers

    * Private resources and tools most will never know about

    * Just way too much to list here and most I CANT list here.

We are going to have a great time at the event, but we’re also going to hammer away at content. If you are coming to network, you’ll be missing out on “instructions” and content that will blow your socks off… so save the networking for breaks and afterhours, and get your hands on all the “lucrative” insights inside the conference room!

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